Plymouth & Kingston Railroad

The Plymouth & Kingston Railroad (N-Scale) is a freelance railroad located in the towns of Plymouth and Kingston, PA. The time frame is the summer of 1955 (Steam and Diesel). This railroad expanded to serve the 3 Anthracite coal regions of PA. The bottom level represents the Northern Coal region that includes Wilkes-Barre, Pittston, Ashley, Kingston, and Plymouth. The middle level of the layout is the Mid Coal region which represents Mt. Caramel, Shamokin, and Hazleton. The top level represents the towns of Tamaqua, Frackville, and Pottsville for the Southern coal field. The layout is U shaped and is built into a 12' x 12' room with 25+ sidings. It features running and switching feature with 4 reverse loops. Any train can move to any location on every level since a 3 track helix is in one corner. The scenery includes over 100 structures. I have attempted to model a complete engine/car service/repair facility in the Wilkes-Barre location. There are several active coal mines. Other industries are present as well as some residential areas. There is also a dual route trolley line on the bottom level. 40+ ITTC sound modules are part of the layout table. 35+ Miller Engineering animated signs are used.



Division or Location: 

Freelance eastern Pennsylvania, 3 anthracite coal regions.


Table / shelf around 3 walls; 3 levels with helix.


N, standard gauge.

Size of Railroad: 

Room is 12' x 12'; Cars: +225 freight, 10 passenger, 8 RDC commuter.


Transition, 1955


Track: 80%; Scenery: 98% (structures) to 5% (foliage); Electrical: 75%.

Control System: 


Number of Crew: 

Minimum: 2; Maximum: 7.

Length of Session: 

2+ hours with breaks/ snacks. Observers are allowed. End time is flexible.

Scale Clock Speed: 

1:1 at this time.

Traffic Control: 

To Be Determined (Spring 2016).

Radios Required: 


Listed Jobs: 

To Be Determined.